Shipment information


Shipment information
Four Nordic are able and prefer to use the following services for shipment.  

FedExUPS and DHL (link for tracking)

Please get in contact us for further details, as cutoff times, discount, transit times etc. 

In a world where transit time is cut down in hours, Four Nordic offers special shipment services to our clients. We have Drop Shipment services, Blind shipment, Spares direct to site, and much more to be as flexible to our clients as possible. Products are always shipment and packed in probe boxes, and secure on pallets or cradles. 

We always provides the correct product codes, country of origin (COO), and special customs information with our invoices/shipment documents. We are used to work with Legalization papers, and even pre-inspection. 

At the same time our credit facility offers Letter of Credit (LOC), and Bank Contract. 

Please get in contact with us to get the a overview how we can meet your needs or logistic and handling.